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  • No dude. I don't fear you. I don't like you either, nor do I hate you for that matter. I nothing you. If anything, I pity you. Surely your stupidity has been a barrier to your success in the real world.
    You fear me thats why yoiu want me to leave thanks for leting me know that. No need to reply back I will not respond any further.
    Fine, stay here and keep lookin' a fool then. What do I care? No skin off my back. As ignorant sissy-brat children go, you're in good company.
    That ain't happening. Your view of me is so expected. Those who toe the obama line hate to hear the truth and would love it if the truth wa shut up.
    You don't have to explain yourself to me. In fact, I'd like it a lot if you'd just go away. You are possibly the biggest ignoramus here, and you've got A LOT of competition.
    Don't know...Pretty small taters in the world of moderating. However, I get around bothering with that stuff by just checking new posts and my CP.
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