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  • Did giving me a negative rep make you feel like a big boy? I have no concern about my rep or your opinions, the more you call combat vets "pussys, the more evidence you supply that you're a classic punk (as well as an asshole).
    Thanks for the rep Bigfoot. I am pleased my post had some sort of impact for you.

    I am not asking anyone to accept my point of view, you and chess and others are free to hate anyone for any reason. I simply don't see the need for spewing vile insults and calling people names. I for one am not fond of our President, but I don't run around disparaging the man because of his race or upbringing. I guess my point is, we are all, theoretically, adults here, is there really any need for the kind of comments chess posted?
    Hey thanks Bigfoot. Yeah, Jillian is just a cranky Ex-Mod failure. Don't let her bother you. She Neg-Rep stalks all the time. It's just what she does. Just laugh at her like i do. Thanks again. :)
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