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    Could Biden sign an executive order to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour?

    Could Biden sign an executive order to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour? Why hasn't he done so within your opinion???
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    If white supremacy becomes a crime

    The only way to not be a white supremace is to simply die and have your culture wiped clean. That is the goal. Any white person that wants to maintain western civilization or our founders is opposing other peoples and cultures rights of our land. That is white supremancy! Wake up white man.
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    Wokism is racist against blacks

    Anyone that believes blacks can't be on time, can't do math with showing their work, can't be accurate, and can't be held to the same standard as whites is clearly someone that believes they're inferior. Guess what, the left is saying exactly that and painting their opposition of who they're...
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    We ended slavery and yet we are singled out and expected to be the only ones to pay. We will never be forgiven until we're all dead. That is the cold reality...This is what happened in Zimbabwe and south Africa.
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    Homer gets cancelled.

    Our culture and civilization is going to be erased. It will be replaced with the single most fucked up place on this planet. It will be a utter failure and will replace the worst parts of africa. So go ahead and support this shit as your children will live in their own shit because of your choice.
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    Socialist Indoctrination Has Begun

    It's all about rewarding groups that advance communism over groups that don't.
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    Facebook won't let users in Australia share news, in "warning" to other countries

    I just got a 30 day vacation off facebook for some dumb reason. That platform is killing its self and it is truly something to behold!
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    Biden calls white supremacists ‘demented’

    Whiteness that is being taught in our schools is all about demeaning our heritage as a people and destroying our right to exist.
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    Biden calls white supremacists ‘demented’

    Pretty soon if you have white skin you won't have rights and that is what these people want. They want you the white human being to be a slave and singled out for genocide.
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    Biden calls white supremacists ‘demented’

    He is talking about white people and western civilization. Wake up to the reality that people like Biden and the marxist anti-whites hate our guts and want us removed from this world.
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    Can my mum pass as brown jew?

    Yes...Sure is plenty brown!
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    No ‘Unity’ In Biden’s Executive Orders

    Do you believe this about President Xi of China?
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    Kyle Rittenhouse is an American Political Hero far wise and mature beyond his years.

    Plus the people he killed were WHITE. So Rittenhouse should be praised by the left.

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