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  • Ya can't find EVERYTHING on Google. If the dummies had actually read Helter Skelter written by the guy that investigated and prosecuted Manson they wouldn't be running trhier mouths off like they do. Thanks for the rep.
    Repugnant Pubes the most cynical disgusting elected clinically insane POS's ever assembled in my lifetime.
    3.this it the one that proves beyond a doubt Greer fired the fatal head shot.In HIGH TREASON GRODEN inadvertantly proves Greer fired the fatal head shot mentionin the fact one of the doctors that examines him and several attending physicians said he was killed by a high velocity powered HANDGUN at CLOSE range.Just like agents candyass,rightwinger,and dawgshit,you would also not last more than one minute in a debating hall against me cause you do the same thing they do,ignore the facts and wont address them, changing the just dont want the mystery solved and want there to continue to be one.sorry its solved.oh and you need to look in the mirror when saying I come across as a conspiracy theorist.IM not the one ignoring facts here that Greer killed JFK.
    you have as much interest in the truth on who killed Jfk as does paid shills candyass,rightwinger and dawgshit do.You have rejected my challenge to refute my facts that greer shot kennedy.You cant get pass these facts.1.The zapruder film was altered.The zapruder film shows Greers hand on the wheel where the muchmoore and nix films taken,the unaltered films,clearly show Greer taking his left arm off the wheel and turing around raising his arm poniting it at Kennedy.many photograpy experts have said the zapruder film is altered so we know it was in fact.
    2.why did they alter the zapruder film and not show that Greer turned around and took his left arom off the wheel and faked his hand being on the wheel if he did not fire the shot? you have no answers for that.
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