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  • Oh that was easy. How long have you been dimwitted. Oppenheim studies thing
    way back more than and concluded as geneticists ----and I and my colleagues have
    been saying for more than 4 decades----that both jews and other people of the
    LEVANT----which include most of the people today called "Palestinians"----descend from
    common ancestors dating back many MILLENIA-----7000
    years ago PRECEDES Judaism----ancient jews did not even exist until
    at most 5000 years ago thus one has to be really stupid to claim that
    todays "Palestinians" descend from "ancient jews"------

    did you pass High School?
    Ariella Oppenheim did the "original study" ? Genetic studies out of Israel have
    been appearing in the medical literature for as far back as I remember reading
    NEW ONES (more than 40 years), Do you know the name of the journal?
    Israeli stuff usually appears in the NEJM or BMJ or LANCET videos?
    OK I will check "ARIELLA OPPENHEIM" and TSVI MISNAI---
    I assume these people are either MDs or Molecular Biologists right?
    Thanks, irosie91!
    your issue up with Ariella Oppenheim, who did the original study. This is her conclusion. I am not a geneticist, so am just reporting what the implications of her findings on the first of the videos. There is also cultural evidence from Tsvi Misinai.

    So at any rate, it seems to be a done deal among geneticists that Palestinians are about 85% descended from ancient Jews.
    amity ---I am irosie91. I have read your posts on Israel/'palestine board and find them
    very interesting for many reasons. Some time ago you stated something like--"no one
    here is able to discuss the field of genetic. --in fact I am. I have been into chromosomes
    since Watson and Crick and have read the literature AS IT DEVELOPED.
    "THE 'palestinians' of today are descended from the ancient jews"--is really stupid--actually
    utterly meaningless -- repetition of the meaningless statement is silly.
    Your theory that shared haplotypes makes it so---is simply incorrect--and your theory
    that the shared haplotypes confers ownership of land---is uttely psychotic. I can
    assure you--based on fact---jews share haplotypes with Saudis-----do I get
    an oil well?---for that matter--American Indians of north America----according to
    you----own Asia. more- How do you define "ancient"? For jews 2000
    years ago is recent history. You seem clueless
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