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  • I see where I suddenly do not have sufficient privileges to post on the 'islamaphobia' thread in the CDZ
    Hello. I noticed my "content" has pretty much been scrubbed from public view. Is this done with the blessing of USM admins...or are one or more mods who do not like the issues I post about messing with my content?

    If I am not welcome here, I would appreciate USM powers telling so, instead of jerking me around.

    Hello. Thank you for making my posts available to public view.

    For an unknown reason since August of 2016 my posts and activity have been summarily deleted from my account without any warning advising me I was in violation of USM guidelines or rules.

    I would appreciate if the following writing that was moved to the Rubber Room, was placed back in the Writing forum where I originally posted it.

    is it possible for a member to have two accounts and two different titles on this site?
    thanks, daws101
    I can't answer your question on it's thread... It's an old Marx film where it appears that a person is using a Cell Phone... From the 20's. The Theory was that it's a Time Traveler... But it's likely a Hearing Aid.
    No new owner I just do all the work behind the scenes to keep this place running smoothly :)
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