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by flacaltenn at Jun 8, 2017
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After a lot of consideration, USMB Staff has decided to try an alternate format for this Front Page forum. The purpose of having a Front Page Forum is to attract new eyes and views and have something fresh, informative and up to date in that spot.

Got to credit Lucy Hamilton for asking about a "Breaking News" forum, because that's what prompted this experiment. We do fine with breaking news threads in their own relevant forums right now, but it's a convenient way to give us better recruitment "advertising" on the Front Page.

So here's the outline of the "experiment". Any Poster may choose to place a "Breaking News" story in that forum SUBJECT TO the rules provided below. You don't HAVE to place such threads in THIS forum. You can still put them in appropriate forums. If there's a thread in the Home Page forum on this news flash, we MAY consolidate threads from lower forums to the Front Page forum when a story breaks -- especially if they started in another Zone2 forum. Posters should put EXTRA effort into preparing the OP. Wait 5 minutes or whatever's necessary to get adequate details. Include as much as you can. Multiple Links or Pics PREFERRED. Rules for that forum will be as follows:

1) Zone2 Rules

2) OP must be about news no older than 24 hours when posted. News can be about any broad interest subject.

3) Story must be linked to at least one major news outlet, newspaper or periodical. Other secondary links encouraged.

4) Members should include the Breaking News: prefix in front of the Title. (Admin may do this automatically for us -- so check current usage.)

5) Moderation reserves the right to move and place in a more appropriate forum. OR to move brand new threads to this Front Page forum..

6) Keep the conversations on the news topic as details comes in. Serious derailments will result in closure. And try to NOT extend the conversations much past the point where it's no longer "breaking".

Realize that during the...
by beautress at Jan 17, 2020
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Nobody leaves their heart in San Francisco anymore! You know how Nancy Pelosi did nothing to get homeless people homes? NOTHING! But baby, she can get solid silver and gold pens to her fellow DNC idiots over their Criminally Fake Impeachment inquiries of three damn years and a hundred million dollars in "studies" times 6 or 7 (I lose count)...

Instead of getting San Franciscan Homeless people hospital rooms and homes, Nancy stood behind the Democrats who let them defecate on the Streets of SF with no punishment whatever. Free toilets, and it stinks to high heaven. The city that should have been the city that the world visits when coming to America is now a place to be totally shunned because they say in a few more years of street sewers, San Francisco will become a future black plague site if it is not already harboring worse things.

Now, 6 World Citizens who think well pooping in public must not be so bad since they do it in San Francisco, and in the absence of thinking got themselves 4-5 years in jail, except the pooper, who got deported immediately. They may just send the majority of them home, disgracing the nation for the Leader-of-the World wannabe Pelosi and her stinnky district every day occurences.

Edit: Since this occurrence of last Tuesday, the area fathers are considering deporting more of the offenders.

I DEMAND that if there are any good people left in California, get rid of the problem starting right this minute! And put Nancy Pelosi in a brown jumpsuit, and she will be the cleanup boss while they're at it.

Don't believe me? Well, here it is, I mean, here it is! 6 tourists to Machu Picchu tourists detained for allegedly damaging stone wall, defecating at temple; 5 to be deported
by candycorn at Jan 17, 2020
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It seems that the blob lied to us again. Brain injuries among the wounds

GMA-Good Morning America
by shockedcanadian at Jan 15, 2020
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If America shares security information with the U.K you are risking your own security now. This is madness.

Boris Johnson signals he will ignore US demands and give Huawei access to 5G network

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has put himself on a collision course with President Trump by signaling he is prepared to allow Huawei to provide “non-core” elements of the country’s 5G phone network.

American national security officers in London to lobby British officials insist that allowing the Chinese company to provide technology for critical infrastructure was “nothing short of madness.”

The United Kingdom has been reviewing security concerns and could make a decision next week with a growing number of ministers in favor of granting Huawei partial access.

Johnson did little to dispel speculation that the Chinese company would get the green light, warning in a BBC interview that refusal risked delaying an election pledge.

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