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by Peony at Apr 24, 2017
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Important scientists are on up in arms. Patricia Brennan is one. Her ground breaking duck penis study could not have been possible without tax payer money. (“ $384,949 from the National Science Foundation, a grant that was funded through the 2009 stimulus package.”) And now her chance to sink her teeth into Killer Whale penises may be at risk.

She joined the recent Earth Day protest to raise awareness about the threat that GOP misers are to vital science things. If they get their way, she will be unable to continue her plan to explore ever more diverse and sundry penises and to then pretend that these penises hold social truths for humankind.

In her in-depth duck penis study, Brennan concluded that ducks are of the rape culture. It has something to do with their corkscrew penis. It was God’s design that the male duck’s curved penis fits into the female duck’s curved vagina? Phooey. According to the learned Brennan, male ducks repeatedly have sex with female ducks because they are typical rapist males.

Fight the war against spending cuts! Brennan’s fondling needs funding! After all, “there is no real premise to her new research on Orca penises. "Just the fact that we just don't know what we're going to find is so exciting,"" gushes Brennan.

We mustn’t stand in the way of critical scientific whatnot that stems from Brennan’s penis exams.

Don’t let them stop the flow of tax money for important science stuff!

This past weekend, many concerned deep thinkers and true science believers were on the march. (That sense of déjà vu is not your imagination. Their message was just as on...
by Peony at Mar 23, 2017
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To: Mr. Trump, Mr. Ryan, and certain republicans

From: your employer, the American people

Re: health insurance bill

You’ve postponed the vote on your new bill because it probably won’t pass. This is because it shouldn’t pass. The conservatives are right. There are too many things missing from the bill.

Take this opportunity to fix it, to do it right. What you’ve offered, is not what you promised. We don’t want to hear that this is just a first stage and it’ll be tweaked later. That is unacceptable. Not only that, it smells of déjà vu. What’ll you tell us next? That we have to wait till it’s passed to see what’s in it? Learn from past debacles.

What is happening now is an unforced error. It is sloppy. It is inexcusable. Why this promised legislation wasn’t already written up and ready to go is a head scratcher, in light of all your promises of repeal and replace. But never mind that now. Write it properly, completely, now.

Create a bill that has all the elements promised and present that for a vote. Do your job.
by Mrs. M. at Mar 13, 2017
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Incoming President Donald J. Trump vows he will fight for America & make her great again​

On November 26, 2016 New York writer, Daniel Greenfield, wrote an article entitled, “Obama's plan to rule America outside the White House.” The prediction of this journalist was almost prophetic in nature. He explained that Obama knew that his end had come as Commander – in – chief and that he had already prepared for his next role as Organizer – in - chief. Whereas before Obama's fight was from the White House now it would become against the White House.

Greenfield even went so far as to describe how Obama would do it: OFA. He mentioned Obama's two faced declarations such as his telling the American people concerning President-Elect Trump, “We are all rooting for his success.” Nothing could have been further from the truth. Using OFA and those he had strategically placed from within, his plan from the beginning was to finish what he had started: The destruction of America.

Daniel Greenfield wrote:

In conventional politics, Obama is done. There’s no way back into the White House. And Hillary’s fate won’t leave much enthusiasm for nominating the uncharismatic spouse of a charismatic ex-president.

But Obama is not a conventional politician. He’s an organizer and a campaigner at the vanguard of a radical movement that seeks to control traditional institutions, but doesn’t feel bound by them. Unlike Bill Clinton, his plans don’t begin and end with the White House. As an organizer, Obama is equipped to build bases of power outside traditional institutions. And that is exactly what he is doing.

The demoralization of the Democrats is, as Obama put it, an opportunity. Social chaos is a time for the left to overthrow and undermine traditional institutions. Fear, anger and despair are radicalizing. The left has always operated by throwing bombs and then profiting from the fallout. That’s Obama’s agenda. Having wrecked the country and the...
by Peony at Mar 3, 2017
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Two days ago, many Christians solemnly observed the beginning of Lent by having ashes placed on their foreheads. This tradition reminds us that we are but dust and to dust we return. Now begins a 40 day period of prayer, fasting and alms giving. It is a time for reflection, penance and charity, a time to grow closer to God.

A handful of parishes have elected to mix some glitter into the ashes. The purpose: to show solidarity to LGBT congregants. Glitter is important to the LGBT crowd, you see, so it’s an apt symbol. Adding sparkle to the ceremony began in New Jersey last year, when a priest’s girlfriend suggested the addition of glitter “as a way to come out queer and Christian simultaneously."

Why change a long Christian tradition, one that is meant for all Christians, to spotlight one subgroup of Christians? This is not the time to get political. This is not a time to wear glitter on your face. This is a time for all Christians to live out their Christian faith. Adding glitter to ashes is not solidarity, it is an obvious ploy for special attention to one little group of people. It is a blatant demand that everybody honor those who are LGBT - above all others. This is not a time to celebrate diversity. This is not a time to get political. This is a time to honor God.

“It matters very much to me that people understand we’re not doing this in order to be frivolous or disrespectful,” Liz Edman, Episcopal priest, explains. “Glitter is serious business for queer people. Glitter is how we have long made ourselves visible, even though becoming visible puts us at risk.”

It sounds as though Ms. Edman values her queerness more than her priesthood. She, and others who embrace this shiny idea, are indeed being frivolous and disrespectful. Edman is already “visible”. Furthermore, it is not news that LGBT members are welcome in Christian churches. What is the point of rubbing it in (on everybody’s forehead) on Ash Wednesday? The notion of respecting...
by Peony at Feb 20, 2017
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A few weeks ago, some democrats attended a seminar on how to talk to regular people. You see, they figure maybe those crushing loses in November may be somewhat related to how they present their ideas. They have to make a change, find a hook- like Hillary’s famous, “I ain’t no ways tired” schtick that worked so beautifully in winning the hearts of black people!

Democrats wonder if ordinary folk just don’t understand their clever nuance. They talk differently. They listen differently. So, some dems are flirting with the idea of finding a new way to communicate with all those dummies who don’t live (or aspire to live) in NY, CA, Washington DC, or don’t run to a safe space at the first whiff of differing opinion. You know, those prejudiced deplorables.

Not too many took advantage of this (good for a write off) wine and cheese seminar weekend. Apparently, it was a bit of a bust. They were supposed to learn how to triangulate those rubes from the middle of the country but the seminar leader apparently never mastered the Fly Over dialect.

If democrats really want to learn about communication styles and winning, they might consider studying Donald Trump’s approach to speaking. Let’s face it, no one will mistake Trump for a lyrical speaker but he resonates with many Americans- even some who used to vote democrat. Why? He talks to them. His nose is not in the air. In all his ineloquence, Donald Trump offers that old fashioned approach of offering ideas and beliefs- straight up, hold the nuance. Trump says things like, this is a great country. We are a great people. Government works for the People. More Americans believe that, than believe what democrats tell them. Things like: Americans who are concerned about terrorism are Islamophobes.

It sure doesn’t look like democrats are truly looking to change their message, or the way it’s presented. Nancy Pelosi is back as House spokes mouth. She continues to spout half-truths, innuendo and outright...