Zonya Bolonya Ultra Liberals aka OBAMARRHOIDS

Discussion in 'Immigration/Illegal Immigration' started by gautama, Jan 17, 2010.

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    Zonya-Bolonya Ultra Liberals aka OBAMARRHOIDS.

    To me, Zonya Bolonya is one who is worse than the average type of TRAITOR of America.

    Assholes like Zonya Bolonya not only undermine America with their incessant and pervasive BULLSHIT.....they are the essence of the poisonous and putrescent ROT that exists in every country....especially civilizations that are in decline......THAT IS WHO THEY ARE.

    And, these ULTRA-LIBERAL SWINE are in full bloom in this OBAMI-SALAMI era, and they are best characterized as OBAMARRHOIDS.

    Granted there are worse examples of their usual BULLSHIT that undermines our country, but a recent post of Zonya Bolonya is INDICATIVE of "BLAMING AMERICA FIRST, LAST and IN BETWEEN" and taking the side of the OBVIOUS CRIMINALITY of the foreigner.

    I am referring to a recent post by this Ultra Liberal OBAMARRHOID Zonya Bolonya regarding ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. To wit, his comment:

    "Now to the bigger issues, illegal immigration. Well, if THIS country started arresting the business owners who hire them, this problem would cease to exist.

    If there are no jobs here, the illegals would leave. Agree? "

    In this post Zonya Blonya disclaims thisa and thata, but predictably STILL winds up, in the final analysis, as BLAMING AMERICA and trying to give the FOREIGN CRIMINALS a pass......AND THAT IS THE KEY THAT INVARIABLY UNDERLINES THE POINT WHY THE ZONYA BOLONYAS ARE THE ULTRA-LIBERAL TYPE OF ROT THAT IS SO DANGEROUS TO OUR COUNTRY.

    What these OBAMARRHOIDS fail to realize, and maybe they do realize it but are too far gone as UN-American POS ...... is that it is the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT who breaks the law FIRST and is the INCITER of the law being SECONDARILY broken by the greed of the American Citizen. GREED being an almost irresistable failure in EVERY HUMAN.

    Very much the same logic as the analogy of COKE being offered to an addict. Using the argument that if there was no market for coke in America.....there'd be no addiction to coke in America..... is specious in the same sense.

    My point is that The Illegal Immigration issue is merely the tip of the ICEBERG of HATE against America, The Greatest and Most Benevolent Nation in the History of Mankind.....this INEXPLICABLE HATE permeates the CORE of the typical OBAMARRHOID which also surfaced in the BIZARRE Haiti outburst of the demented darling of the Ultra Liberal Swine, Danny Glover.

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