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    Zen Zoning --rest your body your mind will follow

    Social psychology is a deep perception construct of the enculturation process serving multiple purposes that we must qualify to utilize well; individual psychology is a continuous revaluation process we maximize to enjoy. There is a lot labeling and categories, and not many explanations. Effort is the raw material of realizations. Deep happiness is earned; appreciation comes with striving. Accomplishments hold their own wisdom. Authenticity comes from doing. Responsibility is about unburdening. Uncovering fuller knowledge of self reveals ever-fuller awareness of life’s marvelous moments. Optimum behavior comes from clarity in the flow of the moment. Creativity is doing something positive with our energy; negatives do damage. Good and evil are different realities with parallel universes. Individuality is expressed in choices and carrying out decisions is strength. Self-empowerment substantiates and expands. The attachment free zone is where potentials are actualized. Yesterdays are fading energy. Now to the sunrise of our tomorrow –is today. The future is where we’re going on the energy we direct, or accept. Existence is our interactive energy streaming.
    Economics takes us forward, economics as politics takes us to where the owner reigns. Philosophy takes us everywhere; art is the vision. Science is the reference guide to the treasures of intelligence. The exploration of civilization –people develop, societies progress and cultures evolve according to geographic circumstances and climatic conditions. Weather dominates environments, which casually structures the opportunities for living; great weather = great civilizations, weather changes~we change. The streets of the world are where the reality of history, society and life reside. Contemporary minds utilize what-it-is awareness; intellectual maturity’s flexibility adjusts for what-to-do effectiveness. Extrapolating with honesty, clarity and deep-accurate perspectives is Reality Smart critical –the most import aspect of life is prediction and affecting behavior. Small influences create big changes; controlling influences or lacks thereof create behavior that which expresses who and what we are.

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