You're in debt...serious debt

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    Your mortgage is underwater and your credit cards are maxed out but you do earn enough money make the interest-only payments on your debt, which leaves enough left over for food and shelter only...but not much else.

    You've asked your boss for a raise but the company you work for is in no position to offer you more money and your performance at the company makes you just an average employee. Threatening to quit is no threat.

    The question is what do you do in this situation? Is there anyone that would advocate getting another credit card and spending more than you currently do? If so, what's your rationale for that approach?

    Personally, I would stop spending money on any and all non essential items and I would sell any possessions that I don't need for survival in an effort to bring that debt under control. Simply put, I would live within my means so as to ensure I don't leave my family with debt.

    What would you do?

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