Your most profound or LITERAL come to Jesus moments.......

Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by (R)IGHTeous 1, Dec 18, 2010.

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    As I've said before. I was a lax Jew until I officially converted to Protestant Christianity @ 16. My pops who is a semi devout Catholic was irked, but came with me to support anyway.

    It was a nice ceremony.......but as bad as this aint really take. Don't get me wrong, I felt new, CLOSER to God, but I could tell there were still doubts in my heart/mind.

    That all changed round 10:30 P.M., May 31, 2008. One of my former close friends, my boy Ray had dropped off the radar for a month after I had been gettin some unusual, rather disturbing vibes from him after I saw him join this twisted, cult lookin site on MySpace.

    I witnessed someone I cared for deeply possessed, and his subsequent indoctrination /brainwashing into a Satanic cult. The stuff I saw, heard, I knew it/he wasn't my boy anymore. This was the most surreal, horrible, frightening thing I've ever been thru in my life......but I needed it. Alas, lax Catholics fall pretty easy and quick.......

    God and Christ finally, truly opened my eyes, by forcing me face to face with real, pure evil. I could no longer turn away, or ignore it. I was trembling, crying, etc. I prayed with my boy Ryan for him after, and ever's all I can do.

    Since then I believe, I know, in my heart, mind, and soul he's real, no more doubts. I'd gladly die for him if I had to, but would much rather LIVE this precious gift of life he gave me, and stop Ray from happening to other vulnerable souls.

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