Young White Girl Raped by Refugees for 30 hours – German Police Laughed at Her-video

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    Probably Germany shall be renamed in the Country of Dimwits. Impossible, almost impossible!

    Young White Girl Raped by Refugees for 30 hours – German Police Laughed at Her (Video)

    In a January case that can only be described as despicable, a 13 year old white girl from Russia was held by three “Arab men” who took turns raping her for 30 straight hours in Berlin, Germany. They also beat her. They abducted her on the way to class, and covered her eyes with a blindfold.
    hey dropped her off at her Middle School after the ordeal, where she was able to contact help. The incident was reported both in Russian and German media back in January 2016.

    Though she was completely traumatized, and her parents devastated, when they went to report it to police, instead of justice for the animals who did it, she was laughed at and told there was no rape and she ‘wanted it.’

    She had been subjected to interrogation by the police without the presence of her parents or an advocate, with pressure and jeering from the interrogators, she said what she was told to say. There would be no charges for the three “Arab men.” As far as the German police were concerned, it didn’t happen.
    The family kept quiet for a short period of time, due to government ordered media censorship and fearing reprisals from the refugees. When it became clear that authorities were more concerned with protecting the perpetrators rather than the victims, they decided to hold a rally. (See video below).

    They posted their outrage on Facebook, and were immediately accused of trying to cause trouble for the migrants.
    Justice is seriously lacking in any European city at this point in time. And the police in many of these nations are virtually worthless, actively siding with the Muslims or shoving their crimes under the proverbial rug.

    Governments in Germany, Sweden and other Muslim over-run countries have ordered police to keep quiet about their crimes.

    The young girl was from Russia. She and her family “assimilated” into German culture easily and well, learning the language and becoming part of the host nation. They have now learned the horror that has befallen Germany and other European countries.

    How would YOU have reacted to this situation?


    Young White Girl Raped by Refugees for 30 hours - German Police Laughed at Her-video - Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
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    Oh poster please. Fake News from Fake Website. Wanna buy a bridge?
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