Young Conservatives of Niagara BBQ-B: July 23rd

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Big Blue Machin, Jul 12, 2005.

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    Ontario, Canada eh?

    Would it be ok if I inform the forum about a Young Conservatives of Niagara BBQ-B happening on Saturday July 23rd. This is the information outline.

    Hello Again Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Well the summer has finally arrived! One generally associates good
    times, great food, hot music, beautiful beaches (populated with even
    more beautiful women) and cold beer with the summer months. We therefore
    have decided to combine each and every one of the above criteria into
    our upcoming event. On Saturday July 23rd, 2005 get ready for:

    "The First Annual Young Conservatives of Niagara (YCN) Beef on the Beach
    BBQ-B" (The extra "B" is for Booze!)

    Due to the overwhelming success of our Conservative Youth Night/Gala
    held on June 15th, 2005 we have decided to hold a BBQ on the beachfront
    in beautiful Port Dalhousie. Imagine spending a day at the beach
    surrounded by like-minded people enjoying beautiful surroundings, great
    food and fun activities. We have already reserved the beachfront and
    beach volleyball courts through the City of St. Catharines Parks and
    Recreation. And we are presently working on the obtaining of a liquor
    venders permit (lets keep our fingers crossed!). Alcohol will be served
    to those 19 years of age and older. We are aiming for a turnout of no
    less than eighty (80) people.

    The event is slated to begin at 12:00pm NOON and will last as long as
    people wish to stay; we will NOT be setting a formal end time. Below you
    will find our price list for food/non-alcoholic beverages (alcohol
    prices will be set upon receipt of the liquor vender's permit):

    100% Alberta Beef Hamburgers: $2.25 ea.

    Authentic German Sausages: $2.50 ea.

    100% Beef Hotdogs: $1.50 ea.

    Pop/Soda: $1.00 ea.

    Bottled Water: $1.25 ea.

    As with our last event we will have a list of distinguished guest
    speakers who will be addressing those in attendance. Please be advised
    that as July 23rd approaches we will be e-mailing you with further
    updates including a speaker's list/format in which the event will

    So remember. this is the FIRST ANNUAL YCN BBQ-B! Become part of a
    tradition sure to last many years to come. Make sure to bring out all
    your friends/family members between the ages of 14-25; they wont regret


    Carl Hayes

    I hope the Canadians on this board can go to persuade younger conservatives to come to the BBQ, it will be fun

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    it's not okay.



    Maybe served best in the Canadian forum? I'll copy this thread there as well.

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