You OWS supporters take a TIP from Navin's Dad!

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    From movie "The Jerk" with Steve Martin (as Navin..)

    NAVIN'S DAD:Now that you're going out into the world...
    ...there's something you should know.
    - You see that?
    NAVIN: - Yeah.
    NAVIN'S DAD: That's crap. And this is Shinola.
    NAVIN: Shinola.
    NAVIN'S DAD: Son, you're gonna be all right.

    So all you OWS and OWS sympathizers and all you OWS supporters..

    DO YOU know the difference between "crap" and shinola?

    First of all if YOU've NEVER heard that you obviously DON"T KNOW!
    If you have and you do know the difference:
    YOU ARE NOT a OWS supporter
    If you are an OWS you are totally ignorant!

    And here is a simple illustration of OWS ignorance...

    Almost ALL OWS protesters and supporters have NOT identified ONE single problem that they supposedly are protesting!

    I mean why are they staying in $700/night suites?
    How can they afford UNLESS they are 1%ers??
    Why did they put their $500,000 in a "BANK"?????

    AND most importantly THESE protesters have NO idea what a CDS is nor what it means!
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