You Know The Next Debate The Mods Will Come Armed With Clubs

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    [Instead of Romney being allowed to give his introductory remarks, the mods will use that time to take practice swings at his head and his testes. Michelle will make sure that Barry's are securely packaged in her lock box back at the WhiteHouse. The audience, if its a TownHall Format, will be packed full with heads of Teacher's Union, SEIU, and UAW Chapters and Locals with more than a few independent Democratic activists thrown in for good measure. Barry is the media's baby and they will cover and run interference for him in any way possible as they would for their own children or better. Tune in next debate and witness them leveling every hill and filling every valley making straight the way of their Lord]

    "It's not an "Incumbent Curse," as MSNBC would call Obama's performance at Wednesday's first presidential debate. It was not Obama's fear of coming across as the angry black man, as Michael Eric Dyson surmised, that prevented Obama from driving a strong debate on the issues with Mitt Romney. And it was not that Mitt Romney has been practicing since June for the debates, per David Axelrod's analysis. Nor was it a question of Obama losing the debate stylistically rather than substantively. And certainly it was not that Mitt Romney was untruthful, thereby catching Obama off-guard. The fact is that this Obama we saw last night and have endured for the last four years is a product of our liberal leftist media.

    Obama was not ready last night, he has never been ready, and he will never be ready to be the leader this country needs, for he is the first president to have never been vetted.

    My own mother observed that "it's the media's fault that Obama lost the debate. Watching the debate reminded me of a child set out on his own after being raised by parents who failed to teach him responsibility and accountability and let the child think that he was above being corrected or disciplined. This was the time that Chris Matthews could not jump in and tell the people what Obama meant to say." Indeed, Obama has been brought up by an adoring and overindulgent liberal media who have coddled him for the last eight years on everything from his appearance to Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, and his caught-on-a-live-microphone secret handshake with Russian President Medvedev, where he promised that he will have "more flexibility after the election" to work with the Russians on missile defense. Additionally, we have the age-old public displays of media affection, including Dave Brooks' awe over the crease in Obama's pants and the "thrill up" Chris Matthews' leg. With a sycophantic media like this, who needs accountability?"

    Articles: How the Liberal Media Ruined Obama

    [Oh the irony! Food for thought. Enjoy]

    "So I guess it’s unanimous. Clint Eastwood was right. But here is what I don’t understand: why isn’t everyone embarrassed to be a liberal? Or, put another way, a Democrat? How is it that some people can witness the latest liberal fiasco–Romney sneaked a crib sheet into the debate! That’s the only way he could remember all those facts! No one could actually know all that stuff!–and say, hey, I don’t mind associating with those people! They’re not idiots, they’re just Democrats, like me!"

    If He’s Lost the New Yorker… | Power Line

    "How brilliant is Clint Eastwood?

    His empty chair performance captured the essense of The One so effectively that even liberals now have the image in their heads. Do not talk about the empty chair in the White House!

    I love the sight of The New Yorker running an image on its cover of an empty chair as a stand in for Obama … it smells like … victory:"

    » An empty Obama chair on the cover of The New Yorker smells like … victory - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
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