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    Do you really want your vote to count so political power in our country reverts back to the people? Then consider this. Let's all focus our time and energy with a single plan of action with purpose. Let's begin to cast our vote and in the future form our own political party so America can choose from a pool of political candidates that honestly want to serve The People. Not special interest groups, lobbyists and others with un-American ajenda's. At the root of evil in American politics is the Career Politician. Not only do they not represent those whom have elected them, in most cases are not well educated enough to make important sound rational decisions so badly needed in a political leadership position. Lawyers are the primary pre occupation of politicans, not political science, history and other education specialities that are what is needed to perform their jobs effectively. There Is Only One solution to begin the much need change in American leadership. Regardless of political affilation, we need to commit ourselves to NEVER re-elect the same politican into the same office in order to break the chain of acquired power by career politicians. There are thousands of well qualified people in our country who would be honored to serve there country. It is absolutely unnecessary to continue re-electing the same political royal family members with the same last name, individuals who only serve for self gain purposes and people who no longer desire to serve their country as American Patriots. Your feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks

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