You can't call it rain.. ;)

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    This hits the nail on the head. Thank you Dr. Savage, et al.....

    When Michael Savage returned to the air on Wednesday, he mocked Obama's address about Easter and the Resurrection.

    "He claims to be a practicing Christian," Savage joked about the president. "For a man with two Muslim fathers, he's doing a pretty good job of being a practicing Christian."

    Comparing Obama to a criminal who "finds Jesus" in prison, Savage added, "You can't pee on our backs and call it rain" ([ame=""]FREE audio[/ame]).

    Savage then called Obama the "anti-president," who is deep in the pockets of big corporations like GE. He condemned these corporations as "unpatriotic" because they use legal loopholes to avoid paying hundreds of millions in taxes every year, while the tax burden of ordinary American individuals continues to grow ([ame=""]FREE audio[/ame]).


    Read more: Obama mocked for 'finding Jesus' during Lent Obama mocked for 'finding Jesus' during Lent

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