"""Yo, Puppets And Un-Americans?"""

Discussion in 'Political Satire' started by 1stRambo, Apr 5, 2017.

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    Yo, can you see through your Party yet? They have been taken over by Un-American Socialist! Anybody with eyes can see that, if you can`t? I feel sorry for your future! They are a very petty Party, they make things up as if they are real, when in reality, they have nothing, except anger that they couldn`t continue the Destruction of the United States of America, SIMPLE!

    You need to know this before it`s to late for you and your loved ones? The Democrat Party, your Mom & Dad, who learned from their Mom & Dad, it is dead, the Commies have invaded the Democrat Party, and will not stop their pettyness until the end of their LIFE, SIMPLE! And if you think that the True Americans are going to give up without a fight? Think again, you, and your like, you will all cease to exist, SIMPLE!!! If I was You? Glad I`m not, but if I was? I would start looking for another Party to support, because the one you think you are supporting? It is leading you and your loved ones down the wrong path, SIMPLE! I hate to say this, NO I DON`T, Obama, and all of his Puppets who worked for him? They are going to see JAIL TIME!!!

    The Socialist Democrat Party, they don`t care about you, or your future, all they want is your Vote! If your Mom or Dad Votes Democrat, ask them why they do? If they say, it`s because of Free Stuff, then I would start looking for another Party to support, NOW!!! Because, all the so-called Free Stuff, it will end in the near future, this Country cannot continue on the path it is being lead by an Un-American Democrat Party, who makes promises it can`t keep, yes, they will make these promises for your Vote, but will not be able to produce them in the near future, because of the Debt of the United States of America!!!

    I`m not telling you what Party you wish to support, but do take a look at their Platform, before you jump head first into it, it would be wise!!! The Democrat Party left their Platform a long time ago, and if you can`t see that? Then stay there, and wither away like the rest of them!!!



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