Would abolishing the right to own a gun prevent gun related crimes?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by polarbear, Mar 7, 2018.

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    I want to add this to the previous post to show you all just how ridiculous it is getting here.
    I live in a so called "safe" middle income neighborhood, just 100 meters from a school and looked out my living room window to check what all the screaming was about. A crazed individual with blood spattered all over his shirt used a crow bar to smash in the windshield of a commuter bus and the proceeded to attack people at the bus stop. He chased one lady and her toddler right to the door of the house she ran to to seek refuge.
    The Winnipeg 911 service was so inundated with calls that anyone calling wound up on a waiting list.
    Matter of fact it was not till the next day when police finally showed up knocking on doors to take statements.
    Some of the victims later had gone public and stated that nobody has been charged and that the perpetrator can not be identified. Par for the course !
    Somebody stole 2 bikes and some very expensive welding equipment + a lawn mower all of it was in an outbuilding in my fenced in back yard.
    First I tried to file a complaint by telephone. All I got was a robo-answer that if it does not qualify as "robbery" it has to be reported in person at the Winnipeg Police central station which is almost a 1 hour drive through city traffic from here...and once you get there the only place to park are spots limited at 5 minutes before your car gets towed away. Once inside the receptionist told me that I have to use their online web site to file the complaint.
    And when you do that you wind up here:
    Session Expired
    If you continue through that anyone who does not have a driver`s license, internet & email is screwed...like very many elderly people. I had all that and went right down to the bitter end.
    A week later I finally got an email notifying me that my complaint can not be acted upon because I failed to prove that there was any "breaking" involved when these items were stolen.
    In other words no crime the Winnipeg Police would investigate was committed even though I was able to tell them who had my property. That`s what happens to a Police department which was perfectly good before Winnipeg elected a Mayor who is proud to be gay and his first act was to appoint a new chief of Police.

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