Worshipping at The Church of Oprah

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    Is She A religion?
    By Robert King, The Indianapolis StarDecember 9, 20067

    ...in the Church of Winfrey, Lofton said, there is always a prevailing current of materialism and self-centeredness. For instance, women who find a skirt that makes them look good will feel good and be more effective moms, and their kids will grow up to make the world a better place.

    "It starts often with an object purchase or an individual finding time for themselves," Lofton said. "Selfishness is the inaugural point that will lead to selflessness."

    On a larger scale, Lofton said, Winfrey is symbolic of spirituality in today's culture in that she is fearful of institutional religion but interested in spirituality. Whether interviewing Scientologist Tom Cruise, Kabala-practicing Madonna or evangelical Wynonna Judd, she asks them about their faith, Lofton said.

    "Inevitably, she will find pieces of their faith that she can agree with and she will say, 'I guess I am a Kabalist,' or 'I am a Scientologist,' " Lofton said. "So in that way, she is trying to create a universal spirituality -- Oprah's spirituality."

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    As parents/adults/the generation pulling the strings in a culture.......we do "model" to the younger what's most important in life.

    If we are vain and materialistic........should we be surprised that Gen X-Y-or Z.....see meaning in life as a nice BMW or Lexus in the garage?

    If we, as parents, need a good strong shot, High Ball, 4 glasses of wine, etc. when we get home from work to "wind down" from the stress of the day, should we be surprised that our progeny do likewise with maybe tragic outcomes to their lives(alcoholism, drug dependence, etc.).

    My 4 year old grandson watches everything that grandpa does. He even pronounces words with the same twang or emphasis that I use at times. Of course, he does this more-so with his parents. It's scarey, because it means dear old grandpa really has to watch what he's doing.

    Just a couple days ago, I was driving my grandson in my pick up truck and some driver cut me off, and I made a terse, remark of anger that was not right at all. I looked behind me and saw that little fellow watching me, grandpa, and wondering why grandpa said, what he said. I turned and told him. "Grandpa wants to apologize for saying those angry, unkind words at that driver. It was wrong of me, and I'm sorry." What was his response? "That's ok grandpa, I love you grandpa.".

    What did I implant in my grandson? I'm fallible.....as he most likely knows of himself, as no 4 year old goes through a day without some reprimand. Yet, I hopefully left him with a message that wrong deserves to be straightened out......and I hope and pray that I in some way sent a message to him that my behaviour was wrong, and it will stick in his mind/soul in the future.
    OK......Oprah........I do think in some ways many do, nearly worship at her alter........She's watched by so many Americans...........Her opinions, actions of life must give some credence to her, as so many do regularly watch her.

    I figure that anyone that makes the Star, Sun, or National Inquirer, have reached the epitome of interest in the current culture........When they hiccup, sneeze, or burp, they're scrutinized to no-end.

    Culture is looking for icons to follow........These are lives for many of us common folks to live vicariously-through. It's a sad thing really, but a reality.

    Why do parents get in fist-fights at Little League games over some "call" an upire does that put's Junior or Missy, "out" at second or Home Plate? Cause so many of us are looking for this Quixotic life to live out in this tough old world. Some even live it out through their kids......Pushing them to achieve at things that they-themselves miserably failed at in many cases.

    Bottom line........Oprah is a role model.......not by her choice, but by those that worship at her alter.......the T.V..

    Our culture is continuing to spiral downward in vain pursuits of nothingness........or nothing that will "last" for an eternity, or nothing that's worth passing on to the next generation. We are more than any generation, the "I" generation, not the "baby boomer" generation.
    There are answers, but most will scorn the biblical answer, that man is really corrupt to the core in his/her most innermost nature........and badly needs the intervention of his Creator to remedy this plight. So the downward spiral will continue........maybe to a point where we as a nation do or will fall on our collective, faces with "sack cloth" and "Ashes" on our heads......and cry out with contrite hearts for help frpm the Almighty. I hope and pray this,....otherwise the alternative is too much to even think about or contemplate.

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