World War 3, China, Russia, North Korea, Iran vs USA, EU and South Korea?

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    WILL AMERICA and/or ISRAEL or Damasucus SYRIA BE NUKED in 2011

    It was NO ACCIDENT! It is nuts to think it was!

    February 22, 2001
    All out regional war nearly broke out in Israel.
    November, 2003
    WAR is closer now than ever before!


    F8 WAR planes shot at our plane April 1, 2001

    Thursday, 30 November 2000 19:10 (ET)

    Moscow has deployed several of its TU-95 bombers to bases in
    eastern Siberia-within striking distance of Alaska, Pentagon
    spokesman Kenneth Bacon said Thursday. "We are monitoring it
    closely," he said. "The Russians do this from time to time."

    I post this because it goes with other prophecies.

    You will hear of WARS & rumors of wars, but don't be alarmed.
    Such things must happen, but the end is not yet.
    Nation will rise against nation,
    and kingdom against kingdom.
    These are the beginnng of birth pangs.
    Matthew 24:6 and Luke 21

    Then there will be great tribulation, affliction, distress
    and oppression such as has not been from the beginning of
    the world until now; and never will be again. If the days
    were not shortened, no one would survive.
    Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:21 - THIS is THEN!


    SEAL #2
    A flaming RED horse appeared
    Power was given to the rider to take peace from the earth so
    they would kill each other. He was given a huge sword
    Revelation 6:4

    People kill one another with words, lies, and deceptions as
    much as with weapons.

    Digital Angel and VerChip Brandnames of microchip implants
    to be imbedded in people's skin. Several more brands of this

    America has NO IDEA how close we are to nuclear war,
    with China, Russia, North KOREA or somewhere!

    Pakistan is a flashpoint! They may nuke India. Russia and
    China will become involved, as will Taiwan still reeling
    from a terrible earthquake, and we will be drawn in.

    North Korea is a failure as a country but has nukes and
    will use them ... maybe on Alaska.
    The warhead from a NKorea missile test
    LANDED in ALASKA in February, 2003


    (They've also been hacking into MANY of our core system,
    such as our city water, power, computers, etc NewsMax)

    Russia has revised its defence doctrine to make it easier
    to press the nuclear button in an international crisis,
    while unequivocally declaring the West hostile. A new national
    security strategy marks a radical shift in Russia's view of
    the world. Putin policy expanded nuclear containment while
    pledging to resist Western attempts to dominate the globe.
    Russia may resort to nuclear weapons.

    Use of nuclear weapons is necessary. Russia still commands
    a large nuclear arsenal. Putin strategy takes a much more
    confrontational position towards the West.

    A draft of the military doctrine, published October, 1999
    also attacked the US and Nato but attracted much adverse
    comment in Moscow, and many thought it would be toned down.
    Putin confirms that this will not happen, although Mr Ivanov
    changes to the military doctrine would still be necessary.
    By IAN TRAYNOR in Moscow - The Guardian

    December 16, 1999 a man was caught on border in Seattle
    with bomb materials. Within a few days he had ticket to
    fly from Seattle to Chicaago to New York to London.
    Likely to drop off bomb devices to terrorists

    Osama bin Laden, We are in a war for the survival of our
    race, that ultimately we cannot win except by killing
    our enemies. It's a case of either we destroy them or
    they will destroy us, with no chance for compromise.
    Creating social chaos is thus a worthwhile objective.

    Ramzi Yousef, organizer of the 1993 World Trade Center
    bombing, claimed he was exacting revenge against the
    United States. Read details on CDC website

    I speculate Clinton himself was paid off by terrorists
    for information to bomb our USS COLE with a 40 x 60 hole,
    sending her shamefully home, hauled on a borrowed barge.

    EARTH is doing a NUCLEAR DANCE!
    Clinton Wants Global War
    He may become leader of the evil United Nations

    Hardly a day goes by that we don't hear a rumor of war
    somewhere. Russia, China, Pakistan, India, Taiwan,
    our troops are being deployed to North Korea,
    which has a missile that can reached Alaska in Feb, 2003.
    The NORTH KOREA nuclear threat is very real.
    The official reporto said that if new fighting erupted on
    the Korean peninsula the intensity of combat would be
    unparalleled in US experience since the end of the
    1950-53 Korean War. In the event of a second Korean War,
    it's likely that hundreds of thousands of persons, US,
    South Korean, North Korean, military & civilian,
    would perish and millions of refugees would be created.

    Against our Constitution, Clinton put American troops
    under a foreign command in the unjustified NATO bombing
    which has sparked war hysteria in Russia.
    NOTE: SINator John Kerry also wants our troops under UN

    China's enraged Clinton (intentionally & knowingly)
    bombed their embassy. China has our neutron bomb &
    Panama Canal. The Russians and Chinese have been preparing
    for such a war. As America sleeps, Russia has been engaged
    in a massive military mobilization. War could spread to
    other hot spots. North Korean commandos have slipped into
    Japan, a possible sign of imminent war.

    December 12, 1999 - 600 terrorists attacked a naval base
    on the border with Panama,killing 45 Marines. After an
    occupation lasting almost 100 years, the hostilities came
    as America prepared for the official handover of the
    Panama Canal on December 14, 1999. Once America's
    withdrawal is complete, US military authorities are
    worried that the guerrillas could launch attacks inside
    Panama and even on the canal itself. The attack was the
    worst defeat suffered by a naval unit in Colombia's
    long-running war that in the past ten years has
    claimed more than 35,000 lives.

    America gave our PANAMA CANAL to China. We sure won't
    defend Taiwan if we give away our own possession.
    Control of the Panama Canal is critical to our national
    security. Protecting Panama Canal is more essential
    than any other part of our coast, because it is the key
    to the protection of many seaports & thousands of miles
    of American coast-line. We transferred our strategic
    canal to China, who moved in and now has control of
    this critically important asset. Communist China now owns
    the Panama Canal.

    HOW CAN EVIL FLOURISH? ~ Good people do NOTHING!
    Bill Clinton is evil!

    December 31, 1999 COMMUNIST CHINA became the new
    OWNERS and RULERS of the PANAMA CANAL. The United States
    is sleep-walking on a course to sure destruction!!


    China, Russia Solidifying Military Ties

    BEIJING - China's purchase of two $800 million, Russian-built
    destroyers, the first of which sailed through the Strait of
    Taiwan this week en route to a Chinese naval base, highlights
    a blossoming military relationship between Moscow and Beijing
    that is raising concerns in Asia and the West. (Wash. Post)

    The Putin Doctrine:
    Nuclear Threats and Russia's Place in the World, Stratfor

    Putin reversed his country's vow never to use nuclear weapons
    first. The announcement sent shock waves around the world.
    And it should have. Russian nuclear warheads may be used
    in their war in Chechnya.

    The MISSILIERS - Is The Cold War Really Over?
    60 Minutes II Presents Exclusive Report Features Those With
    Fingers On Nuclear Trigger - CBS

    RUSSIAN antiship missiles specifically designed to penetrate
    American carrier battle group defenses. Built to carry
    3 nuclear warheads that can hit and destroy any 3 cities in
    the world in just half an hour, the Minuteman 3 is the mainstay
    of America's nuclear arsenal. Tension between the US & Russia
    is greater now than at any time since the end of the Cold War.
    The only people who seem alarmed by it are the American nuclear
    soldiers, or missiliers, & their Russian count

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