Woman Charged With Repeatedly Striking Boy, 3

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    "NASHUA, N.H. -- A Nashua woman is facing 16 counts of simple assault after authorities said she was seen punching her 3-year-old grandson.

    Barbara McCarty, 43, was arrested Thursday afternoon. Police said McCarty was seen striking the boy with her fists in a vehicle in the parking lot of St. Joseph's Hospital earlier this month.

    Investigators said the incident was witnessed by some nursing students through a fourth-floor window.

    "The defendant was tasked with providing care for the child," said Lt. Jeff Bukunt. "However, she assaulted this child in the parking lot of St. Joseph's Hospital. She was subsequently charged with 16 counts of simple assault and one count of endangering the welfare of a child."

    In court documents, police said McCarty delivered blows to the child's torso with a closed fist, but his coat prevented him from suffering any real injuries. Authorities said the child had a small cut on his forehead, but he suffered it when the car door of McCarty's vehicle blew shut.

    In court, McCarty's family rallied behind her, saying she would never harm a child.

    "I think it's ridiculous because my mom's done nothing to any kids before, and it's ridiculous," said Shannon McCarty, Barbara McCarty's daughter. "They're taking it too out of proportion."

    Police said the same child suffered minor injuries this summer when he ran into a street and was struck by a vehicle. No charges were filed.

    Court records in this case said McCarty told police that the 3-year-old was acting up at the hospital, and she was trying to control an unruly child.

    "The defendant in this case claimed to have been disciplining the child, but this was clearly an assault situation," Bukunt said.

    McCarty's bail was set at $15,000."

    Woman Charged With Repeatedly Striking Boy, 3 - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR Manchester

    Can't see how this family has a son still they are lucky to have one.

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