Witnesses: MSNBC Producer Assaulted Chris Matthews Heckler for ‘Tingle’ Taunt

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    By Matthew Sheffield | August 31, 2012 | 12:50

    As the presidential campaign season has moved along, veteran Democratic strategist-turned MSNBC host Chris Matthews has become increasingly vocal in expressing his hatred for Republicans and adoration for President Barack Obama. That tension must be rubbing off on his staff members since one of them, a producer, is now accused of assaulting two men at the Republican National Convention last night over taunts they made to Matthews.

    The alleged incident began after two men, presumably supporters of GOP nominee Mitt Romney, began heckling the deranged MSNBC anchor about his now famous remark (first exposed by NewsBusters) that listening to an Obama speech gave him a "thrill going up my leg."

    The Hollywood Reporter has more:

    Matthews was hosting a show at a makeshift outdoor stage near the Tampa Bay Times Forum after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney accepted his party’s nomination. During a break, two men shouted, "Hey Chris, how's that tingle up your leg." The comment was a reference to Matthews’ 2008 comment that a Barack Obama speech sent a "thrill up his leg."

    According to witnesses, a shoving match ensued.

    Read more: Witnesses: MSNBC Producer Assaulted Chris Matthews Heckler for

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