Witch Army: A Capital Tribulation (CNN)

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    Americans are as conscious of the flaws of capitalism as other nations are of their respective societies/systems. Why is it then that Americans receive such criticisms regarding the 'vices' of capitalism? After 9/11, Americans have been 'on-edge' about global attitudes towards Western capitalism, when the World Trade Center in NYC was destroyed.

    How should Americans evaluate the 'metaphysical value' of capitalism-based 'foundations' such as CNN, Wall Street, and NATO?

    This final yarn of mine was inspired by the ambition-introspection films Casino and Lord of the Flies.


    A unit of galactic defenders known as the Valiant Knights [VK] were arrayed to defend the universe against all forces of darkness and corruption. VK members wore dignified uniforms and carried guns and or sabres. VK was devoted to the values of honor and teamwork and it seemed no one would be able to corrupt their brand of courage-based military diligence. VK was not specifically devoted to capitalism or democracy, but they did favour socio-political systems/societies which fostered individual liberties and healthy citizenship. VK was based in Venus but decided to visit Earth and took the form of humanoid soldiers, even though they technically very-much resembled the humans on Earth.


    As VK landed on Earth, they were completely shocked. They discovered that human civilization was once a proud establishment devoted to capitalist ideals which helped them construct great monuments such as Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, and Harvard University in Cambridge. Now, humanity had descended into a completely doomed ruthless power-oriented dark war, which involved the use of witchcraft and anarchy. VK referred to these 'new humans' as Dark Minds [DM]. VK wanted to contend with DM and hopefully help them find their way again, but it soon dawned on VK that DM had literally become followers of the 'dark arts' and one faction had even invoked the spirit of underworld demons to serve in its apocalyptic 'army.' VK realized that if DM did not find restoration, darkness would swallow all of creation. The main vice of DM was a complete submission to the psycho-sociological forces of vanity and ambition.


    After much deliberation, engagement, and some nifty field-combat, VK had managed to sway DM somewhat and convinced various factions of DM that their capitalism-originating power-war of ambition would create a complete destruction of the virtue of life itself. VK distributed vials of rat-blood to all the humans of DM and ordered them to drink it, since it would cure them of their seemingly incurable 'disposition' regarding the complete obsession with power and wrath. As the humans of DM began taking this unusual 'medicine' they started once again meditating on the basic spiritual value of self-reflection and the value of improving oneself before contemplating how power over others could 'enhance' natural beauty. VK had managed to cure DM of its terrible metaphysical vulnerability to the temptations of vanity and lust. The humans of DM once again began praising the natural splendour of democratic empathy. It was an organic-friendly Earth once again.


    GOD: The 'Valiant Knights' have rescued the spirits of the 'Dark Minds.'
    SATAN: Yes, that rat-blood cure managed to deliver home the message of temperance!
    GOD: Sometimes, capitalism creates so much greed, that instruction is just needed.
    SATAN: So the humans of Earth will once again honor the values of 'normal life.'
    GOD: Perhaps Trump Taj Mahal casino will once again be considered a 'great glory.'
    SATAN: Yes, if the Knights had not restored Earth, Trump's casino would be a 'thorn.'
    GOD: It's strange how good metaphysics can address the problems of 'natural vice.'
    SATAN: I believe the Valiant Knights will return to Earth with a good feeling about humanity!
    GOD: They've certainly affirmed their faith in a values-driven war.
    SATAN: The witch-faction of the Dark Minds had risen a demonic army of darkness.
    GOD: Yes, that army was comprised of invisible skeletons in fancy armor.
    SATAN: The best cure to war is of course the intuition and fair-play!
    GOD: The best methodology of warfare is of course precision and far-sightedness.
    SATAN: Are you a fan of Deadpool's Art of War?
    GOD: I appreciate how that comics-oriented book presents ideas about self-control.
    SATAN: It is self-control which will save humanity from the vices of capitalism...
    GOD: Yes, vices such as addiction, cruelty, lust, crudeness, gluttony, and betrayal!
    SATAN: Americans can embrace the information-reliability of good journalism again.
    GOD: Hail to CNN...



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