Wilkins Ice Shelf breaking away from Antarctica

Discussion in 'Environment' started by Chris, Apr 3, 2009.

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    Then maybe we should address overpopulation.

    Seven billion is a lot of people.

    And, hey, you can't blame me. My wife and I had two kids. If every couple had two kids it would cause the population to recede, because not all those kids would grow up to marry and have two kids.

    And funny that you mention overpopulation, because the places that grew too many people will be the first to suffer from failing crops. Irony? I don't think so. Logic is more like it.

    New Zealand has 4 million people, but is the size of many nations with 40-60 million people. It is the last place in the world in which people will starve because of the good soil and growing conditions.

    Again, you're worried about people. Starving people isn't going to be a result of global warming and drought and floods, etc. Starving people is a result of TOO MANY PEOPLE.

    How about this: force sterilization? Does that sound mean? Or does it make sense?

    We don't need war, mass disease, etc. Those things WILL come if we don't take care of overpopulation ourselves.

    Global warming!

    I'm a liberal, and I don't mind higher sea levels. It's happened before. Macon, Georgia (160 miles from the Atlantic Ocean) has whale fossils.

    Whales in Macon.


    Global warming (a long time ago).

    The earth can never remain static. Get used to the fact that it goes through cycles.
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    Funny how the flat earthers were the VAST majority.

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