Widening Gap Between Employer Expectations and Job Seeker's Skill Sets

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    TalentFilter, has released the results from its “Job Market Perceptions” survey. The findings uncover a widening gap between current employers’ expectations and job seekers’ actual skill sets.

    An Overwhelmingly Negative Response Found:

    71 percent were pessimistic about their career search, feeling they possessed the required skill set but were not getting hired
    37 percent were extremely frustrated, with no hope for improvement in sight
    34 percent unhappy with the environment, but starting to see signs of improvement.

    This gap points to disconnect between what employers are looking for and who is applying for open positions. The majority (53 percent) of employers report that less than half of their offers have been turned down, but that 69 percent are management level positions, requiring specialized skills. The picture painted by these results is optimistic for employers, showing increased hiring and quality talent pools, coupled with extremely dissatisfied and discouraged job seekers that have gone on multiple interviews with few results. “Generalists” will need to be nimble, turning unemployment to their advantage through certification, continued education and enhanced skill sets.

    In Summary, The Survey Found These Key Take-Aways:

    71% of employers say that more than half of their open positions are “specialized”
    61% of job seekers surveyed consider themselves to have a “broad skill-set” rather than “specialized in their field”
    73% of job seekers have had more than 5 interviews per month since starting their job search, with over 75% receiving zero offers
    Most effective hiring tool—Social Media sites according to both job seekers and employers

    20,000 Hiring Managers from F1000 Companies and 79,000 Job Seekers received the survey. This survey was conducted online between June 15th, 2010 and July 15th, 2010.

    Disconnect Between Job Seekers and Employers Fuels Frustration - MFRTech
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