Why were tanning salons BUT NOT Lawyers

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    taxed in Obamacare?

    Tanning salons supposedly cause cancer
    so Obamacare taxes 10% tanning salons.

    Fear of lawsuits..
    1,231 physicians...(90%) Ninety percent of physicians surveyed said
    "doctors overtest and overtreat to protect themselves from malpractice lawsuits."
    "Defensive medicine is when doctors order multiple tests, MRIs and other procedures, not because the patient needs them, but to protect against litigation based on allegations that something should have been done but wasn’t. according to the survey published Monday in Archives of Internal Medicine.
    Besides more time-consuming appointments, patients are left with fewer services and less access to quality care as doctors either narrow their practices or leave the profession entirely."

    $650 billion a year
    Patients for Fair Compensation, a non-profit seeking to educate policymakers about defensive medicine, estimates that unnecessary tests and procedures cost about $650 billion a year. That is money spent on the unnecessary MRI the doctor ordered for a worker with a nagging backache, for example, and the EKG the physician ordered on an otherwise healthy 36-year-old patient with no history of heart disease.

    In a 2010 Jackson Healthcare Physician Survey one doctor noted:
    "I have to view every patient as a potential plaintiff.."


    So wouldn't it make sense that if $650 billion a year in duplicate tests, defensive medicine is done out of FEAR of lawsuits that lawyers are taxed 10% like tanning salons for causing the $650 billion a year in health care costs???

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