Why War In Iraq?

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    For profits. Just follow the money. People have killed for a lot less

    Iraq arms sales request worth over nine billion dollars: Pentagon - Yahoo! News

    WASHINGTON (AFP) - The Pentagon said Friday it has notified Congress of proposed military sales to Iraq valued at more than nine billion dollars, including helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles.


    The biggest proposed sale was for 392 Light Armored Vehicles, radios and anti-tank weapons at an estimated cost of three billion dollars, the Defense Security and Cooperation Agency said.

    Congress also was notified of a possible sale of 140 upgraded M1A1 Abrams tanks as well as armored Humvees, tracked logistics vehicles, armored ambulances, vehicles to carry shelters and command posts, and trucks to transport heavy equipment.

    It was valued at 2.16 billion dollars.

    A separate 2.4 billion dollar helicopter deal would provide the Iraqi government with 24 Bell Armed 407 helicopters or 24 Boeing AH-6 helicopters, along with engines, missiles, mortars, machineguns, and rocket launchers.

    Another proposed sale involved technical assistance in the construction of garrisons, training areas and operational facilities for the Iraqi security forces.

    "The total value, if all options are exercised, could be as high as 1.6 billion dollars," the DSCA said.

    On Monday, the DSCA announced a possible contract to sell Iraq six C-130J aircraft, with engines and other equipment, which it said was worth 1.5 billion dollars if all options were exercised.

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