Why Unions Support Social Welfare Programs That Don’t Apply to Them

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    Why Unions Support Social Welfare Programs That Don’t Apply to Them.

    ---------One cannot help but notice that unions donated millions to Democrat politicians to ensure the passage of Obama Care. Furthermore, union support has been granted to leftist organizations such as ACORN, Occupy Wall Street, and every other organization who praises the welfare state. However, why do unions support social welfare to such an insane degree?

    ---------Despite the fact that unions supported Obama Care, they were in fact among the first and largest organizations to be exempted from the health care law. At the same time, they demand free social programs to the less fortunate such as, free housing, free food, free healthcare, free electric, free college, free transportation, WIC and a slew of other programs. This all begs the question, why do the highest paid workers in America care so much about the benefits that they will never see?

    ---------Surly, there can be no doubt that unions by default are a socialist ideal. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that unions favor a heavy handed state to regulate the means of production and ensure the security their employment no matter how worthless they may be as workers. However, as I have found out, unions aren’t compassionate people who care about the helpless and downtrodden so much that they’re willing to sacrifice their time and money to speak out for the little guy. In fact, the welfare state ensures their power and stability.

    ---------When union negotiate their contracts with those who actually own, produce, and provide the jobs that the unions feel so entitled to, it can be a time of contentiousness. When the unions don’t like the proposed contract they often go on strike, effectively casting themselves out in to the unknown without a paycheck. Of course, the unions themselves often have a security fund to help those workers in need who cannot make ends meet due to their strike. However, while on strike they often qualify for welfare benefits as well. Therefore, a strong welfare state is essential to the ability of unions to gain greater leverage over those who own, supply, and create those jobs.

    ---------This is how unions are such an essential part of socializing America. This is why Obama, a man who no one can deny has a background of socialist causes, associations, and ideals, has illegally appointed radicals to the National Labor Relations Board without consent of congress. If unions can have both the ability to stay comfortably in perpetual strikes due to a strong welfare state, and they actively have the government siding with them and against those who actually create, own, and provide jobs, they can in effect create a socialist state from the back door. A socialist state where “Workers of the world” can “unite” to overthrow the “bourgeoisie” and create an environment where the moochers can overthrow the producers.

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