Why Sonia Figueroa Doesn't Pay Taxes

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    Why Sonia Figueroa Doesn't Pay Taxes

    Before Figueroa left, she had a solution to a tax problem and claimed two of the nation's mostly common refundable tax credits: the earned income tax credit for low to moderate income earners with children, and the child tax credit, an option for almost anyone with kids. Figueroa will get every penny back she paid in federal income taxes last year in a substantial IRS tax refund check.
    Earned Income Tax Credit 2011: Why Sonia Figueroa Doesn't Pay Taxes

    This is how Illegal Aliens pay negative taxes. Illegal Aliens pays billions in taxes and get trillions in return. No wonder we are broke.
    Illegal aliens pay taxes to themselves in the form tax refunds, tax credits and benefits received.
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