Why slavery declined in the past 200 years.

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    Slavery was abolished in 1865.

    Marx published Das Kapital Vol 1 in 1867.

    Coincidence ? no ...

    Both events were symptoms of the tide of CAPITALISM sweeping the world. It simply became more efficient to pay people to work ( so called free americans ) than to house and feed them ( so called slaves ).

    in some economic sectors ( PROSTITUTION ) it is still more economically viable to FORCE women ( usually children ) to work then to pay them, so slavery still exists in those sectors.

    now why is it that in one case slavery is profitable and in another it is not ? because the supply of 13 year old girls is limited ( they constantly turn 14 ), but of nigs is not - you can always get as many as you want in Africa.

    in other words because of the scarcity of 13 year old girls their value is GREATER than the amount of money they need to survive - which makes it profitable to keep them as slaves ! on the other hand the value of a nig is zero - because the supply is truly unlimited - therefore it just makes no economic sense to house, clothe and feed one when you can simply "free" him and then he will work for you for nothing because he will have no other choice ( except rob and steal and sit on welfare, but that came later ).

    so that, bitches, should explain to you the "progress" that we had regarding slavery on this planet in the last 200 years. the reason nigs sit on welfare, sell drugs or steal is because some time around 1865 they stopped being able to earn enough by WORKING to sustain themselves. if they didn't - they would still be slaves today.
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