Why selling health care between states is a "scam" and not a "plan"

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    First off, we call all agree the number one cause of bankruptcy are "medical bills".


    We call all agree that at least 50 million Americans are uninsured.

    We can all agree that when someone uses the "Emergency Room", it's the tax payers that foot the bill.

    We can all agree that "Let him die" is not really a viable option.

    So let's just start there.

    First, when a "for profit" company makes a suggestion, you have to take that suggestion with a certain amount of "skepticism". After all, they are "for profit". These are companies that have found "allergies" and "mammograms" to be "pre-existing conditions".

    There is a larger picture here. Why do corporations give to Republicans over Democrats? Why does the Chamber of Commerce give to Republicans 9 to 1 over Democrats? They know Republicans will "deregulate" and make what was illegal ---> legal.

    So why sell insurance across state lines? Anyone seen a movie where someone is being chased by state police and then once they cross the border, the police give up? That's because due to the way our country is set up, it's very difficult to regulate across state lines. That means, an insurance company that sells health care to California from Maryland is almost free from regulation. Republicans say, "Let the market sort it out". The problem with that is that you have to wait until you are thoroughly screwed before you know you need to do something. Then the Republicans plan to limit your ability to sue screws you even more. And imagine trying to sue someone in Maryland from California.

    I think that sums it up pretty well. If someone has a different perspective, please, go for it.

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