Why “Our Traffic Police” only know how to do challan?

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    Why “Our Traffic Police” only know how to do challan?

    I want to share my opinion usually I saw traffic police always remain hungry or think how to get as maximum Numbers of challan to earn some money for whom ( own self or Government). They know the law that time but they forget own law how to control traffic when jammed due to own lack of interest. If any one violate the traffic rules and cross the red light or make a minor mistake than traffic police question first you do not follow the traffic laws which is punishable. Seldom traffic police personal left anyone who violate traffic law and allow him to go without making challan are only HONEST and sincere traffic polices working.

    Usually in evening hours traffic jammed that time traffic police why not control traffic flow so no traffic remain jammed. Our city the main problem all people in hurry and want to reach their desire places in the quickest way.

    If you follow the traffic rules and regulation than indirectly benefits goes to you. If a person waiting in traffic signal which is between maximum 2 minutes but if the situation is same and when no traffic signal and police available in duty than wait to pass the traffic jam which cost you more than 10 to 20 minutes. But we happy to remain in traffic jammed and quarrel with other who is weak to show your power or strength.

    I would say which interest our traffic police doing job in doing challan no matter right or wrong if same interest or spirit they worked with 50% interest to control the jammed traffic flow than no one face problems or waste times.

    Why not Head of Traffic police or IG Traffic police do not take any notice or action against those traffic police who are not performing duty where they deputed but always busy or remain hungry how to do more challan and earn? These are real black sheep and the management should get rid of these so the people get benefit for clear and free traffic flow. Make sure all your traffic signal workings and even load shedding arrangement should be made that traffic signal lights do not affect which control the traffic flow.

    The performance of traffic police staff that how many challan they did or how they successfully manage to control the traffic flow who decide. My suggestion those who make a good ratio of challan but always traffic jammed at their duty place their no reward or appreciation to him but question what reasons traffic remain jammed and which place you perform duty that time? This is very important question to be asked without any fear if you want to make a change in traffic

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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