WHY our “POLITICIANS & bureaucrats” get treatment abroad as a CUSTOM

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    WHY our “POLITICIANS & bureaucrats” get treatment abroad as a CUSTOM
    I was shocked and very dis-appointment when I read the news MEDICAL EXPENSES of over Rs. 300 Million ( US $ 3.40 Million ) FACILIATED FOR (FOUR ) 4 POLITICANS AND ( Four ) bureaucrats regarding their treatment aboard. This is not a small amount spend to oblige others?

    I must asked simple question from Prime Minister and President why our politicians or bureaucrats do not get their or immediate family treatment in Govt hospital. They knew about what is the condition of Govt hospital and how the funds allocated mis-used those who are responsible but more shameful still no question asked where the funds used and why not used funds for purchasing equipment, medicine for better treatment of poor patients.

    Why waste the tax payers money on medical treatment when no shortage of Govt hospital in our country, but a question is raised no facility, no proper equipment and medicine not available in these Govt hospital than Prime Minister should asked question from all head of these Govt hospital what is there sources of funds and applications, how these funds used. Make a check and balance system, if any find negligence or miss-using powers than sacked him plus impose heavy fine and punishment.

    If our ministers or politicians ever visit to any Govt hospital than realized what problems a common especially poor class facing when usually comes for treatment.

    I must say if any going to aboard on Govt Expenses for treatment which is not fair and all responsible are answerable to God and none can skip understand this. It gives a common message that out of 180 Million populations in Pakistan Govt eager and worried for 8 person treatment? Why not thinking same way for all citizen of Pakistani without keeping any race or province of Pakistan are suppose not human being or has no right to get basic and medical treatment from the Govt which every Pakistani have a born right.

    How long injustice will continue and miss using the tax payer revues like water which should be eliminated and in future not a single VVIP person allowed for medical treatment on Govt expenses such bill should be passed from National Assembly and Senate before the end of this year

    If our 3rd world developing country like P A K I S T A N spend for 8 person medical treatment Rs. 300 Million than who will say’s that Pakistan is a poor country? If these 300 Million spend on Government hospital than perhaps no patient remain deprive from treatment but due to corruption and miss using by authority is the basic reasons & common problem ( which is not hidden from any common ) that funds which allocated for poor treatment in Govt hospital never fully utilized in Pakistan?

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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