Why Obama Will Win the 2012 Election

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    If you're NOT a staunch LibDem OR ConservaRepubLitarian, here's what you see:

    No one but staunch LibDems claim that POS legislation called ObamaCare is actually a good thing. Obama's biggest problem is ObamaCare and now the Catholic thing. So that's bad for him. I think he'll end up folding with the Catholics anyway. Maybe offering an exemption for things like The Morning After pill or something BUT..

    That's about it. His other mistakes are things most voters won't even be aware of. NDAA, The Gun thing to the cartels, Keystone etc...? I watch FOX every day (much to my wife's annoyance!)and even there, I haven't heard much about them lately - let alone on CNN or MSNBC. And as we all know, Americans have the memory of a flea. Immigration? I don't know anyone who isn't a solid ConservaRepubLitarian that even cares anymore. The SuperPac thing? I hate it but it's hard for Romney to point his finger, isn't it?

    The GOP?

    Bigger problems.

    Osama bin Laden. Libya. The Taliban. The GOP got Bush re-elected on the platform that the Dems are too mamby pamby when it comes to defense and national security and by gosh, we sure can't change presidents during a war on terror! Well hell. That's just been (literally) blown to pieces, hasn't it? Obama has taken out more AQ / Taliban leaders in three years than Bush did in six. So THAT card is just not going to get them anywhere this year. And it was a pretty big card for them until this new sherriff came to town. To anyone but a staunch ConservaRepubLitarian, they look like blithering idiots when they whine about Obama being a hawk! WTF??? When did the GOP and the ACLU align? Too funny.

    Getting us out of Iraq. He promised he would. Yes we know it was arranged before he took office but two things: 1. Americans have short memories and 2. He could have broken the promise with just an ounce of spin. Lots of presidents have.

    Getting us out of Afghanistan. Obama came into office with wars going on all over the place. Now, just before the election, he'll be able to say he's gotten us out of all of Bush's wars AND successfully MISSION ACCOMPLISHED the only thing Americans gave a danm about - OBL. To anyone BUT a staunch ConservaRepubLitarian, if he can do this AND manage not to get us into another war in the ME, cool. However, even that could work in his favor. He could employ the exact strategy the GOP did with Bush but better:
    "Remember the party that didn't get the job done? The party that left us mired in endless wars that no one supported? We can't afford to let them get in power now! We need a president who is strong, gets the job done and most of all, will get us OUT when it's over. We need Obama!" It would be ironic but it makes for nice soundbites and the only people the "getting OUT" part wouldn't resound with, would be staunch ConservaRepubLitarians..

    Taxes. Corporations are people! The rich deserve a better life! Major companies that pay little or no taxes, should pay even less! Fcuk the Middle Class and those stupid payroll taxes! We're all for no taxes EXCEPT when it comes to the Middle Class! Let's put the burden on them!
    Again, that may not be what the GOP intends to put out as it's message but to anyone but a staunch ConservaRepubLitarian, that's sure what their actions are showing.

    That darn economy keeps getting better. LibDems seem to think all is rainbows and roses but it's not. However, ConservaRepubs scream in hysterics that all is Doom n Gloom and that's not true either. So who looks better? The people who say our great country is coming back or the people who obviously HOPE it doesn't? (at least not until they get in power). Obviously, we still have a fundamental problem with housing but it's about perception. And there's that guy who said "Let's let those foreclosures just run their course." Oops.
    To anyone but staunch ConservaRepubLitarians, the GOP is really looking like a bunch of a-holes on this. No, no, no! Our country is shlt!

    If Santorum (or heaven forbid, Newt) actually pulls off the nomination, the GOP has just re-elected Obama. Everyone but staunch, white, straight, Christian ConservaRepubLitarians will rush to the polls to stop them from getting in office.
    But everything it takes to galvanize the GOP base, can be used against Romney. Ultra-Conservs, Tea Partiers and Libertarians will be disappointed with him as a candidate. This is obvious on every political chat board and in every tv interview of Conservative voters at primaries. So while a LOT of those folks will turn out to vote for anyone against Obama, quite a few will stay home in frustration that Newt, Rick or Ron Paul didn't get the nomination

    I was actually looking forward to voting Obama out of office. Let's face it, the guy's first two years in office were abysmal. Is he better now? Yes. He is. I'm still really pissed off at him about the NDAA thing and I don't give him credit for "fixing the economy". But the GOP in their wisdom, has given me Romney as an alternative. Right. And they just keep making complete asses of themselves in public on things like the payroll tax. I think that if they don't come up with a different strategy, they're in for real trouble this year. And honestly, I don't know what strategy they can come up with. Move to the Middle? Move farther to the Right? Move to Australia?

    Finally, I think Obama has been smart. He's been sandbagging. He hasn't been touting his successes as much as he could until very recently - just before the State of the Union Address. Plus, he can afford to sit and wait and let the GOP do his attacking for him. Then, once they have finally picked Romney, he can use clips from Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann and Paul in attack ads. The GOP isn't going to have that luxury with Reid, Pelosi etc...

    Barring any huge mistakes, I see an Obama win in 2012. Which is a shame because that means my candidate won't win - Stephen Colbert.

    I'm sure our ConservaRepubLitarians will address only the issues discussed and not engage in slinging petty insults etc... because they are so solid that way. :eek:)

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