Why Obama is quietly thanking fate for the Japan earthquake.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Mar 13, 2011.

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    Deep down inside, Obama could not be more thrilled to see the Japan earthquake, and he's hoping to his God that the nuke plants meltdown.

    See...before the quake, Obama was starting to feel gradually more pressure for not being active in trying to oust Ghaddafi. He was almost at a crisis point, and he had no clue what to do. Now, instantly, the Libya story is a Page B headline, with Japan dominating the news and papers. And it's an EASY political issue for Obama. Send all the aid he can, stand firm with Japan, and of course, subtly knock nuclear power to please his left wing greenie base.

    Sad. Knowing for a fact, that in some dark, closed door office in the White House, the Obama staff is thanking fate for sending this earthquake to take the pressure off them that was coming from Libya, the economy, the union loss in WI, and other issues where Obama had no clue how to handle.

    Hell, theres been so much news lately, that no one seemed to notice when Obama's buddie (D) Gov. Abercrombine declared as Gov of Hawaii that he was going to finally reveal Obama's birth certificate once and for all..............only to have to say "Um....uh.....we couldn't find it."

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