Why Keynesian theory doesn't work.

Discussion in 'Economy' started by Quantum Windbag, Sep 7, 2011.

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    It all comes down to one simple thing, no one uses it.

    I really don't remember much about Keynes' theories, mostly because the teacher taught pretty much what Krugman preaches, that deficits are good, and you should raise taxes after a recession to cover them, but if these are an accurarate description of his views I might have to take another look at them. He makes more sense than I thought he did.

    How Obama got Keynes wrong - Feb. 5, 2010

    Keynes would say the biggest problem with our economy is the deficit, and the fact that no one is trying to reduce it? Does that sound like anything that any Keynesian is saying today?

    Another person that thinks Keynes would disapprove of the way the government is doing things.

    WHALEN: And now a word from a job creator

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