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    Video: Miracle buzzer beater lifts Serbian team to league title
    By Chris Chase

    It's the greatest buzzer beater you'll see all year and it took place in the biggest game of the season in the former Yugoslavia's equivalent of the NBA.

    With eight seconds remaining in overtime of the NLB League championship and his team, Partizan, leading by one point, former Mississippi State star Lawrence Roberts missed two free throws. Their Croatian opponent, Cibona, grabbed the rebound and quickly moved the ball down the court. With 0.6 seconds left, Bojan Bogdanovich hit a 3-pointer, giving Cibona a two-point lead and setting off a raucous celebration by the home crowd, players and coaches. And then things got even crazier.

    Here's the video, taken from the top with Roberts' missed free throws. Things get so nuts in the aftermath of Cibona's go-ahead shot that the Croatian TV broadcast doesn't capture Partizan's miracle buzzer beater because it was too busy showing Cibona's premature celebration. The replay of the heaved prayer by Dusan Kecman is shown at the 4:27 mark:

    From the looks of things, nobody on Cibona thought it was necessary to play any defense after their team hit the go-ahead shot. Some of the players were celebrating with coaches and some were lackadaisically watching from beneath the other basket. None of them were within 10 feet of Kecman when he shot it.

    And my knowledge of the South Slavic languages isn't the strongest, but I'm pretty sure the announcers calling the game had just as little idea about what happened as the Cibona players and fans.

    Thanks, Deadspin

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