why i wont fly jet blue, EVER.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by actsnoblemartin, Jul 16, 2007.

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    WATTERS: On the Daily Kos website, it says attacks against coalition forces in Iraq are legitimate. Does JetBlue subscribe to that kind of thinking?

    BARGER: There’s really… politics and our business, it’s not really something that we mix.

    WATTERS: Well you guys are sponsoring the Daily Kos’s convention this summer.

    BARGER: It’s really not something that we mix from a standpoint of politics. I appreciate your interest in that regard, but it’s really, there’s not alignment.

    WATTERS: What about ‘the Pope is a primate,’ do you agree with that kind of thinking?

    BARGER: Same, I mean, it’s, from a standpoint of running our business, that’s what we do from an airline perspective, so there’s really not alignment along those lines. I appreciate your interest.

    WATTERS: Do you think you’re giving legitimacy to this kind of thinking, I mean, they’re saying the world may be better off without Tony Snow, when Tony Snow had a cancer relapse?

    BARGER: It’s, I’m really not going to mix politics from the standpoint of running our business.

    WATTERS: But aren’t you guys kind of mixing politics by, you know, sponsoring this convention.

    BARGER: It’s… I can see where you’re trying to go with it, but I’m just not going to, you know, to respond to that here at this point in time.

    WATTERS: What about ‘people who enlisted in the military after 9/11 were sheep.’?

    BARGER: Listen, I think it’s real clear that we’re a significant player in this country, in this city, in this community, and I’m not sure what your agenda is this morning…


    WATTERS: I mean, do you think that your JetBlue customers want to know that you’re kind of subscribing to the belief that Iran has the right to attack Israel, I mean, these are the kind of things they’re saying on this website.

    BARGER: I’ll just close by saying this. I think our customers are, we’ll treat them with dignity and respect, they’re very smart, they’ll draw their own conclusions, whether it’s watching your news show, whether it’s watching our in-flight television, they’re pretty smart people. They’ll draw their own conclusion.

    WATTERS: How about ‘Cheney enjoys killing’?

    BARGER: I’m just not going to go there. And so along those lines, there’s not alignment, so, I think you can see that I’m just not going to draw a conclusion, tied into what we’re doing with our business, with where you’re going with your agenda this morning, so, have a good weekend.
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    I can't believe how left this arline has gone...
    since JetBlue has decided to removed the right wings from all of it's airplanes how can it fly?

    you cant fly with 2 left wings can you?
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    Honestly dude, don't bother. Your actions make absolutely no difference. The seats are nice, the food is good, and the tvs are kickass. If they're offering the best price go for it. It's not like you'd be making a difference otherwise. Besides, it sounds less like JetBlue is making a political statement and more like they're attempting to appeal to a particular demographic.

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