Why foreign team afraid & not playing cricket matches in Pakistan?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by sharif, Feb 25, 2012.

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    Why foreign team afraid & not playing cricket matches in Pakistan?

    I much dis-appoint and regret that Pakistani cricket matches with South Africa and England conducting in UAE which itself shame on PCB ( Pakistan Cricket Board ) and do not realized what reasons foreign teams not willing to playing cricket matches in Pakistan and make a lame excuse and give valid reason due to lack of LAW & ORDER situation we can’t risk our life’s.

    We all should become the proud of Pakistani team for defeating England team in first 3 test matches which is not a single man performance but entire team collective performance which force England to face a memorial defeat, hope in forth coming ODI and T 20 more and less same performance expected from our Pakistani team if played with collective efforts and unity than no doubt England again face defeat INSHAHALLAH.

    More painful when I saw the highlight of 3rd TEST MATCH in which Pakistani team defeat England by 72 runs but saw entire CRICKET stadium VISTIORS seat are vacant, my question is where the spectators in UAE to watch Pakistan & England TEST match but not same volume of crowd when Pakistan defeat India in 1986 final in UAE ( in which last ball JAVED MAIDAD hit a memorable sixer on the last ball of MADAN LAL). Not a single vacant seat I do not see that time.

    I strongly appeal to Prime Minister of Pakistan in future all Pakistani team do not play any match in foreign soil on account law & order situation but insist to play foreign team to play in own country. The main reasons for playing foreign country that no terrorist’s activities will be conducted and their life’s is secured as compare to Pakistan.

    Why not overcome the get rid of all sort of terrorists from our country, Our country has all blessing but due to some corrupt and dis-honest leaders entire nation is paying the price. The question is which hand is helping and sheltering the terrorist’s activities in Pakistan and more painful still not a single terrorists being punished or hang who involve in many innocents killings.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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