Why do publicity when you select or elect are members of MNA, MPA or Senate

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    Why do publicity when you select or elect are members of MNA, MPA or Senate in Pakistan

    I want to express my opinion why those people who sit in MEMBER OF NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OR MEMBER OF PROVISIONAL ASSEMBLY, MINISTER or SENATE display IN his car, keep body guard or protocol when he reach as member of MNA OR MPA OR SENATE.

    Why feel proud and want to show that you are member MPA or MNA or Senate. This life will be end and no one remember you what you are and where you sit but if you do some memorable work such as build HOSPITAL, SCHOOL, COMPUTER CENTRE, ORPHANGE HOUSE, CARING NEEDY people without any difference than no matter you will never forgotten by those whom you did some welfare work.

    This is secret of success to being remembered after you dead. After you die your bank balance, status or property never give any support or help to reach heaven or skip from punishment due to spending full of sinful life’s.

    Many of them have experience to see many MPA, MNA, MINISTER or Senate members died but honestly tell how many peoples are remembered them. Instead of doing publicity and remain hungry how to become famous have no value when you die and lying in your grave.

    That time you are helpless and wish some one from your family, friends or well wishers remembered you and offer Surah Al-Fatiha to wash some of his sins and get some higher level of degree from God.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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