Why do Jewish people mostly vote Democrat?

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    Pic dear-----it is silly to claim to know what OTHER people ---know or believe or "feel". In fact----if you
    are in court and say "He knew...." or "He believes..."
    as testimony----your testimony would be stricken. It is logical to explain why YOU believe or "know" something about someone else------but, simply, idiotic to claim that another person "knows" or "believes".
    Magda Goebbels was an ARDENT catholic lady----and left writings----specifically to her eldest son----testifying to the "greatness" of adolf hitler -----and why the son should DEVOTE his life to him (the lad
    was a soldier in the army of saint adolf) One of those letters was written on the same day that she shoved cyanide down the throats of her toddler children. See? evidence

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