Why do federal workers earn so much money in USA

Discussion in 'Economy' started by Euro, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Federal workers earning double their private counterparts - USATODAY.com

    I came over this link, and saw that federal workers earn much more than private sector workers. In 2009 federal workers earned an average 123.000$ while a private sector worker earned an average 61.000$.

    Why are not the politicians trying to make the government more cost effective. Why are they not lowering the salaries for federal workers?

    To compare with UK the gap is only 6000$ dollar in favour of government workers. In US government workers earn twice as much as private sector workers. And yet UK considered it a problem and ordered a freeze of government workers salary. Why not cut federal workers salaries and get closer to balancing the budget? ShouldnÂ’t it be the private sector workers that earn most money?

    I also saw that the president candidate Ron Paul will set his salary to 40.000$ if he becomes president, why are not the federal workers showing that kinda moderation that would be very good for the economy?

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