Why did Ayers hire Obama to run Annenberg Project?

Discussion in 'Congress' started by The Paperboy, Oct 7, 2008.

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    The real story on Obama and Ayers is now coming out and that is:

    1. Ayers secured over 150 million dollars of funding from the Annenberg Project to improve Chicago Schools.

    2. Ayers hired Obama to disburse the money even though Obama had no background in educational matters.

    3. Obama disbursed the money to far left school projects including one run by Ayers.

    4. The projects were all complete failures. There was no improvement in Chicago schools.

    5. Obama cites this as part of his executive experience.

    A lot of this information is contained in a pro Obama NY Times article from last month. Link here

    This begs the question: Why did Ayers hire Obama?

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