Why Democrats/liberals/Obamatrons are wrong so often and so badly...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by healthmyths, Aug 25, 2012.

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    I am constantly surprised at those idiots make such stupid comments like "all GOP make war on women", or "GOP hate gays", etc.. but NEVER back them up with sources, documentation, quotes!

    I mean it use to be we'd say "oh wow, I didn't know that"!

    But idiots!!!
    Ever hear of the "Internet" the thing Obama said was developed by govt. money?

    Case in point.. I posted a thread about the history of the GDP as a way to illustrate that the so called "economic pie" IS NOT finite but constantly growing. That people don't have to be like animals tearing after a piece of meat.. folks the pie gets bigger and you can have a share!

    Then we have these idiots that refute by saying "oh yea.. will trickle down doesn't work"!

    PROVE IT! Don't just make a stupid comment .. prove it with the internet as I did!
    I showed how Americans today have a net worth of over $83 trillion! Now if "trickle down" didn't cause that .. WHAT DID????
    Prove that something else other created all this wealth!

    Now some of other idiots will say 'Yea will the rich are just getting richer"!!!
    SO F...king WHAT????
    I mean I'm not rich but I sure as h...l don't resent rich people getting richer because I'm a way better off today then I was 20,30, he..ll better then when I was a kid and mowed 6 lawns in the summer shoveled sidewalks in the winter,carried newspapers daily... and I'm better off now!
    WE all are!

    These idiots complaining about today worse then 5 years ago or 10.........
    Consider what you are doing ... right now!

    So all these negative nabobs snarling and tearing over a piece of meat when simply all they need to do is work harder, smarter and yes luck has something to with it.. but still nothing is accomplished if nothing is tried!

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