Why Democrats don't want "voters" disenfranchised

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    Ever wonder why the Democrats accuse the Republicans of attempting to "disenfranchise voters"? Seems they are especially concerned that Republicans are attempting to deny the vote to minorities. Given the Democratic party's rather checkered history in regard to ballot box stuffing and voter fraud it seems rather strange that they would be accusing Republicans of the very tactics which have been part and parcel of Democrat strategy during every major campaign in recent history.


    Evidence of fraud in the 2000 Florida Presidential Election
    The outcome of the 2000 U.S. Presidential election was reduced to the outcome of a very close vote count in the state of Florida - within hundreds of votes - between Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore.

    Election fraud in seven Florida counties may have provided more than 1,400 fraudulent votes for Democrat presidential candidate Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential election, reducing George Bush's vote lead to a mere 300 votes after the second machine count. Furthermore, this fraud eliminates the possibility of any accurate vote recounts.

    The Fraud Factor is a numerical measure of the likelihood and amount of election fraud that was committed by specific Florida counties in the 2000 presidential election between George Bush, Al Gore, and other candidates.

    The Fraud Factor is defined as how many times more "new found votes" Al Gore received than expected in the second machine count, relative to his original vote count, than George Bush received relative to his original vote count. The Fraud Factor is used to compute the number of unexpected, or fraudulent, "new found votes" that Al Gore received in the second machine count.

    Put another way, the Fraud Factor reflects how many times more "new found votes" Al Gore received than expected in the second vote count, relative to how many votes George Bush received in the second count and how many votes both candidates received in the first count.

    Thus, a Fraud Factor of 15 indicates that Al Gore received 15 times more "new found votes" than he should have received based on how many "new found votes" George Bush received, and based on the original distribution of votes between Bush and Gore after the first machine count.

    When examining the table below, note how many original votes Al Gore received relative to George Bush's votes in the first machine count, and then make the same comparison for Gore's "new found votes" versus Bush's "new found votes". The discrepancy is obvious.

    This is not simply the result of loose chads reflecting actual votes randomly falling off or being removed during the handling and manual recounting of ballots. This must be due to one or more fraud sources including ballot tampering and/or miscounting.

    Democrats have a fraud plan in place and expect to use it as part of any post-election recounts. This is evidenced by the fact that the Democrats have already hired lawyers and staff to protest the current election even before the first ballot is cast.


    Who is Trying to Steal the Election ?

    "Count Every Vote (for Al Gore or Not At All) !"

    Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, and the Democrat Party officials and operatives, including those in the news media have repeatedly claimed that they only want every vote to count. These claims defy the fact that all ballots in Florida have been counted twice by the machine, which is the most accurate and objective method. Furthermore, their actions speak louder than their words, indicating that they only want every vote to count for Al Gore or not at all. This has been demonstrated repeatedly, including the following examples:

    The Gore-Lieberman campaign and the Democrat Party dispatched lawyers to all of Florida's counties with a five page memorandum outlining their plan to disqualify every possible overseas absentee ballot cast by the brave American men and women in the military, who vote predominantly Republican. In addition, the Clinton-Gore Administration implemented a policy that prohibited election polls on military bases.
    Furthermore, approximately 3,000 absentee ballots from American military personnel were found stored aboard one or more military ships. It is clear that these ballots were stored in order to delay their delivery until after the election deadlines. These ballots would have affected the Florida election results because a large percentage of Navy sailors are based in Florida.

    Democrat operatives sued to invalidate the entire elections and disenfranchise more than 215,000 voters in Florida's Seminole and Martin Counties, because a large majority voted for Republican George Bush and disenfranchising these voters would change the outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election to make Democrat Al Gore the winner. The lawsuits were based on nonsubstantive technical deviations from statutory election procedure.

    The Gore-Lieberman campaign and Democrat Party attorneys have fought in the courts and at the County Canvassing Boards in large population, heavily Democrat Florida counties to count euphemistically labeled "under-voted ballots" for Al Gore. These ballots indicated no vote for any candidate for president during the first and second machine counts. Ballots where the voter failed to clearly indicate their intention to vote for any candidate for President can only be counted as "none of the above" ballots, especially where the voter clearly indicated their vote for other offices and ballot measures. There can be no legitimate assumption that a ballot voted for "none of the above" for president was really a vote for Al Gore because the ballot contains clearly marked votes for Democrat candidates for other offices.

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