Why Coakley SUCKS!

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    (1) Amirault:
    It has been proven time and time again that he is innocent! Heck she even allowed some of the female falsely accused women to get out of jail. Yet she kept Gerald to rot in jail, solely for political gain. She wanted to show she was tough on child molesters (doesn't matter that they are innocent). Didn't matter that clemency had been recommended unanimously by the Massachusetts Parole Board! She could help ruin a man's life for political gain!
    Gerald Amirault - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    (2) 23 month old rape Victim:
    The bitch dropped the ball INTENTIOANLLY here! A police officer RAPED his 23 month old neice. Just typing that makes extremely angry. Yet Coakley does NOTHING INTENTIONALLY even with over-whelming indisputable evidence, BECAUSE once again for political gain. She didn't want to take on a BAD cop. Imagine how tough she will be on Islamofacism. Probably put her head in the sand. What happen after the NEW and more COMPETENT DA picked up the case? He prosecuted this son of a bitch and go that SOB a life sentence!

    Recap, she can be tough on a innocent and falsely accused man, but not prosecute a child raping Police Officer (a man who I hope gets raped and murdered in jail), all for political gain. That sounds like the Chicago way.


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