Why are some things just so sad?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Semper Fi, Dec 10, 2005.

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    Seriously, some things I can look at and just feel really sad for the rest of the day, other things I'm completely fine with.

    For instance, when I was on a trip this summer, we went to this River Fest thing in Wisconsin for Fourth of July. They had a live band there, and they played all of my favorite songs (literally, everything on my MP3 player playlist), and they were really good. Of course, there was a crowq of fans in front of the stage, mainly people in thier 40's or so rocking to songs of their high school days. Well, in the middle of it all, I caught a glimpse of a guy in a wheelchair, perhaps about 40, and he was moving around, sort of his way of dancing to the music. I'm sure he was having a really good time, but for some reason I felt like crying and I still think about it, even 6 months later.

    Now theres a kid that went to my school last year who was in a wheelchair, and he sort of did the same thing. Though he was handicapped, he seemed optimistic, and would do cool things for his friends and stuff like that. Basically the same thing, so why would one instance make me feel sad and the other not? You dont have to answer the question, its rhetorical.

    You guys know what I mean?

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