Why are American politicians visiting the Auschwitz Relief Camp?

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    [​IMG]IF BUSH AND HIS WIFE WERE TO VISIT AUSCHWITZ RELIEF CAMP TODAY - FROM WHICH DOOR WOULD THEY ENTER? AND WHY IS IT SUCH A BIG THING TO VISIT THE PRESENT AUSCHWITZ MUSEUM FOR WAR? WHY NOT VISIT GAZA? WHY NOT VISIT KATYN? When President Bush, his second time to visit, and his wife, visited Auschwitz Relief Camp the standing Gospel True Doctrine was to enter from the Gallows Door. And apparently Bush did so. He did not enter the Sacred Holy Temple Shrine with its Relics from the Corpse Door. Why not? Because the Stalin Dogma was followed, that the victims entered from the Gallows Door, not the Corpse Door. Today all this is changed, and the Infallible Doctrine of the Gallows Door Doctrine has been garbaged through Auschwitz Goebbels War Commandant, Piotr Cywinski, and others. ONCE MORE THE OFFICIALS OF AUSCHWITZ MUSEUM FOR WAR HAVE BECOME HOLOCAUST DENIERS! If Bush were to visit Auschwitz today, he would not, as previous done, enter from the Gallows Door, but enter through the fake Corpse Door. This new Doctrine of the Martyrologists of the present Auschwitz Museum For War turns the whole Commercial Holocaust Cult on its head. One being, that Commandant Hoess was hanged on the Gallows at the Gallows Door, on the explicit claim that the alleged victims lead by the Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando, entered into the alleged Gas Chamber from this door: THE GALLOWS DOOR. For some 60 years this has been preached as the Infallible Gospel Truth. This Gospel Truth has now become the Gospel Lie. What next Infallible Dogmas are we going to be told were false and hoaxes used to make suckers out of us all? Viva la claridad!
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