who said, "Jehovah"?!!...are there any atheists here?

Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by Chips Rafferty, Dec 13, 2007.

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    Seeing as how Avatar4321 has just given me 2 infraction points for using my cultures version of the American "make love," i.e. f**k, I take it as read that he will be doing the same to everyone, especially the foul mouthed Moderators here, who also who use "F-CK" quite frequently.

    If not, it will confirm to me his motives are purely religious and directly related to RGS's recent hypocritical complaints about the signature attached to my posts. :eusa_naughty:

    Besides being blatantly religiously motivated, I maintain Avartar's reaction is farcical in the extreme, considering RGS also has a mouth as filthy as an Afghan camel driver's jockstrap.

    Indeed, I am surprised, nay shocked, that a fellow “decent” Mormon here hasn't rebuked and threatened to report him to their local Sanhedrin well before this. :eusa_think:

    Otherwise I am sufficiently contrite at Avatars defence of a (fellow?) potty mouthed Mormon, and have asked, and received, our Roman Catholic Jesus' forgiveness.

    In future, I will only use "Christian cursing," such as "ass" or "pussy," or a recognisable tropes thereof, instead of the grammatically correct Anglo Saxon "a-rse" and "c-nt."

    Yours in Christ,

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